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Mainstay Physical Therapy is a full service physical therapy clinic in Fort Collins that specializes in rehabilitation of: 

- Vertigo, dizziness, and balance disorders in adults and children

- Headache, migraine, post traumatic headache (TBI)  

Neurologic conditions and movement disorders

- Orthopedic conditions

- Acute and chronic pain

- Facial paralysis


"I cannot say enough positive and amazing things about Jessica and her practice at Mainstay Physical Therapy!  She is remarkably educated and skilled and has made an enormous impact on my life and the reduction/elimination of my stress related vestibular symptoms.  I have tried everything under the sun to deal with my symptoms and for the first time in many years, I have enjoyed consistent and ongoing success." SR

"After suffering a concussion from a fall, I was recommended to Mainstay Physical Therapy and had an exceptionally good experience. Jessica M. possesses all the qualities of a successful physical therapist. She is a true professional with strong interpersonal and communicative skills. She is very knowledgeable, warm, supportive and confident. She helped my balance issues with a variety of treatments and I was able to show substantial improvement in a short period of time. I highly recommend Mainstay Physical Therapy." EB

"I consulted Jessica after a devastating episode of Benign Postural Vertigo. She was able to guide me in the restoration of my balance and confidence moving quickly. She is amazing and I highly recommend her." DG