Why Choose Mainstay PT?

My name is Jessica Malouf and I am the owner of Mainstay Physical Therapy.  

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I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy from The University of Montana in 2008 and moved to Colorado from Missoula, MT in 2014.  I have spent many providing therapy services to individuals with dizziness and vertigo, balance impairments, TBI and concussion, neurologic conditions, movement disorders, orthopedic impairments, and chronic pain. I earned my vestibular competency for both children and adults through the American Physical Therapy Association, Emory University, and Specialty Therapy Source.  I am also a certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) life coach and use CBT techniques extensively to help empower individuals with chronic conditions to better manage not only the physical, but also the emotional aspects of their conditions.

I opened Mainstay PT in part because I want to provide care for my clients in a calm, private, and supportive environment as an alternative to the busy gym-like setting of many outpatient PT clinics. I want to bring back the personalized, one-on-one care that used to be the norm for healthcare.   

I believe people get better faster, and with fewer visits, with highly skilled, individualized, and personalized care in a dedicated, calm and peaceful environment. At Mainstay, you or your child will be seen only by me and 100% of my attention and focus is on you or your child during your treatment. You deserve personalized care from a highly skilled therapist and at Mainstay PT, that is what you will get. Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to come and visit the clinic.

Call or Text! 970-818-0235


"I cannot say enough positive and amazing things about Jessica and her practice at Mainstay Physical Therapy!  She is remarkably educated and skilled and has made an enormous impact on my life and the reduction/elimination of my stress related vestibular symptoms.  I have tried everything under the sun to deal with my symptoms and for the first time in many years, I have enjoyed consistent and ongoing success." SR

"After suffering a concussion from a fall, I was recommended to Mainstay Physical Therapy and had an exceptionally good experience. Jessica M. possesses all the qualities of a successful physical therapist. She is a true professional with strong interpersonal and communicative skills. She is very knowledgeable, warm, supportive and confident. She helped my balance issues with a variety of treatments and I was able to show substantial improvement in a short period of time. I highly recommend Mainstay Physical Therapy." EB

"I consulted Jessica after a devastating episode of BPPV. She was able to guide me in the restoration of my balance and confidence moving quickly. She is amazing and I highly recommend her." DG